Bring your own bread


London to … where next? When the RMNC crew got together for a team ride in May 2018, we knew - as ever - that we had to do something a bit different. We’ve covered most of the lanes in and around the M25, so where to next?

Our one rule was that we had to start in London. No trains to get us out somewhere. We’re a London-based team and wanted to see where we could get to from our doorstep.


London is blessed by its proximity to the sea. To the south and east there are plenty of beaches that are easy to get to for a day trip. The London-to-Brighton run is a well-known and much-ridden route but there are lots of other options. And the idea of riding to sea always seems exotic, even if it is in England.

When we heard about The Company Shed on Mersea Island - a family-run seafood shack that serves locally landed seafood - our minds were made. Mersea Island it was.


Mersea Island is Britain’s most easterly inhabited island. It’s reached via the Strood - an ancient Roman causeway linking it with the mainland, which can get flooded at high tide.

We rode there on a beautiful May Sunday, and with a friendly dose of intra-team competitiveness, we made short work of the 115km route.

Once on the island, it was straight to Tesco Express to grab some wine and bread. The Company Shed recommend that you Bring Your Own Bread to accompany your meal.


It was everything we hoped for. Tightly packed tables, friendly staff, huge helpings of delicious fresh fish and sea food, all washed down generous servings of wine.

There was no way we were riding back after all that food and an hour or so relaxing in the sun on the beach.

With white wine in our bidons and sand in socks, we rode the short distance to Colchester and caught the train home to London.